Love of art

Is the real expertise an art? The answer do not belong to us but we hope for in our work being the worthy descendants of artists and in love with art.

Frans Courtens (1854-1943), father of Alfred was the leader of the school of painting of Dendermonde. One owes him primarily of the landscapes, the marines and the scenes "de genre".

Alfred Courtens (1889-1967), his father was a large Belgian sculptor with whom one owes in particular several philosopher's stones in the Belgian cities and villages.

Herman Courtens (1884-1956), elder brother of the preceding, painter like his father.

Stanislas Courtens, founder of the office of expertise is an architect and real expert geometrician.


Alfred Courtens dans son atelier
Alfred Courtens in his workshop
Frans Courtens par son fils
Alfred Courtens
Statue of Frans Courtens in Dendermonde
(Sculpture of Alfred Courtens)
Léopold II à cheval
( in Ostend)
Statue équestre d'Albert Ier
Le Baiser
Frans Courtens
"Le caprice"
The Queen Elisabeth